Photography, travel

Why the Pacific Coast Highway is Heaven on Earth


The seals seemed to be in perfect harmony with the sand, the waves, and the sky; it was as though nature was in symphony and I, merely the audience. Huddled against the wind in the quiet comfort of warm sand and each other, I longed to be as in accord with my sense of self as those beautiful creatures were.


My eyes found true beauty on that fateful August afternoon; the ocean stretched farther than the reaches of my eyes and mind. It was on that day that I discovered nature’s music; a cascading cacophony of waves and seagulls and the soft press of sand under my feet. Everything seemed a bit slower, a bit more relaxed; the mountains merely inching their way upwards, the waves as serene and constant as the light of the moon.


The mountain loomed over the sea like the hope for tomorrow, the gulls crying for someone to listen. The fog seemed to curtain all my worries and the spray from the ocean cleansed the remnants of inhibition. There is a certain quiet allure, the pull of the coast, a whispering which lulls you into the comfort of forgetting about everything but what lies before you.


It was the waves crashing against the rocks that intrigued me the most. The water would be sent into an explosion in every direction. The rocks filled my line of sight and it was quite like watching nature’s fireworks – at first, serenity, and moments later, the tumult of water on rock. The water seemed so persistently angry yet the rock remained placid, indifferent. I do believe we have a lot to learn from nature.


The sun lit the coast with all colours of the spectrum, the sky giving way to a display of reds and pinks and fiery orange. The mountains seemed to give way as well, knowing of the night and darkness that was to come and showing off the last bit of splendour while they could. The rocks were a beautiful red-brown unlike any I had ever seen, and I realized that this was living. It was the salt in the air and the sand everywhere possible, and the insane sensation of gratitude which came with simply breathing and taking it in. There are some moments in life in which all we can do is stop and stare, but perhaps that is all we have to do.

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