I Fell In Love With the Ocean

My love story is not quite the ordinary, for my lover extends thousands of miles and is unimaginably powerful. My lover is teeming with possibility, life forms of all shapes and sizes, a domain largely unknown to our species. My lover is infinitely unpredictable and has a spirit so wise and untouchable, I must admit I am intimidated at times. My lover is the ocean.

It was a warm California coast night filled with the sound of buskers and the lights of Santa Monica pier. I was greeted by the cool sand comforting my sore, bare feet and letting me know I was home. There is nothing quite as liberating as running towards the ocean, towards a reunion with one’s origins, a reunion with the sky and the water and the sand.

The tides greeted me with their indescribably soothing tone and gently embraced me. The water lit up a billion colours, a reflection but perhaps another dimension of its own. The sensation of the cooling water rejuvenated every part of me, and I longed for nothing more than to freeze myself in this moment for the remainder of eternity. The water then retracted with such force, whisking me away from reality. The ocean reminds me of my place; that I am merely a creature of the earth. The ocean, unimaginably vast and powerful, has survived all tests and given us all that we have. The ocean: home.

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