Nature’s Corpse

A recent excursion to Algonquin Provincial Park rekindled my passion for the preservation of the environment. Ontario Parks harvests trees in such a way that almost half of the wood is unused in order to improve convenience of transport, and it has been this way since the beginning of the logging industry in the 1800s. The use of herbicides in Ontario forests is also permitted.

Anyone who has lost themselves in nature can, without a doubt, clarify that there is nothing greater than our Earth. Yet at times we believe ourselves to be greater than Earth; we believe we must be the ones to “manage” this Earth, we believe it exists only to provide us with the resources we require. Those who believe this are blind to see the beauty we are fortunate enough to be surrounded by; the beauty of the smell of the Earth just after the rain, the discreet wisdom of the owl’s hoot, the song of the birds in the morning.

In truth, we treat our planet as though it is expendable, as though we rule it. But the Earth is within us, as much a part of us as our blood and bones.

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