In today’s society, we are social yet antisocial, vulnerable yet indestructible. As we pursue our goals, we fail, our hearts are broken, our expectations are not met, and we begin to lose our innocence. It is my belief that this innocence, this vulnerability, has infinite value, for without being willing to give to the world, we may never be able to take what it has to offer.

It is often easy to stay within the confines of our comfort zones, to never show vulnerability, to never reveal the inner cores of our beings because society may not approve. We are the outcome of every experience we have ever had, and more often than not, we learn to shelter ourselves from disappointment because of this experience. Nothing is eternal, and therefore every good thing has an end, so why begin it, right? Wrong.

Think of yourself as a candle. When you are struck with inspiration, a flame is lit. As your wax burns, you begin to take on a new shape, and as you lose structure, your flame grows brighter. Each flame is unique, but in order for the flame to grow, the wax must be lost.

To hide yourself within what you know to be true is to limit yourself from the infinite possibilities which lie outside your knowledge. It is to take the potential which has been given to you and slowly, carefully cover it in bricks and tar and dust. We may only be whole people if we nurture that potential as the seed of a tree, a tree which involves everyone we have encountered, everything we have accomplished, everything which has value.

Vulnerability means value, and value means meaning. Therefore, to you, my faithful readers, I vow to allow myself to be completely vulnerable on this blog, and encourage you to make yourself vulnerable. Who knows what could happen?

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