A like, a follow, a tweet, or shares

Are the traps my generation ensnares.

A world lies trapped within the screen

Voicing the thoughts of the poet, athlete, drama queen.

One wonders if it could have been foreseen;

The demise of humanity, the loss of green?

An illusion, a virtual reality

Of foes turned friends, of artificial glee?

Nature is but a tool exploited for beauty,

Making our lives public is our civic duty.

We live through images, statuses, tweets

The pulses of likes making our heartbeats.

Too consumed by the world trapped within our screen

To discover the world trapped within ourselves.

11 thoughts on “#antisocialmedia”

  1. Good day, I think this poem is great. It’s like telling the world how it feels about living in a social networking era and how it affects our daily lives with just a small gadget.

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  2. Great post! I definitely agree. Social media can be so consuming and people find their identity in it. We’re in a sad state. The world has so much beauty to explore.
    I found your blog from the DreamBigDreamOften post, where we were featured together!
    I’ve enjoyed reading through you posts. I would love if you could come check some of mine too!
    Thanks! Rachel

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    1. Thank you so much for your thoughts, I wholeheartedly agree – we are in a place of growth which can easily be a place of destruction. I would love to check out your work!

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