15 Things I learned in 2015

  1. The only thing holding you back from success is your self-doubt.
  2. Forgiving yourself is the hardest thing you will ever have to do, and the most important.
  3. What you put out into the world is what you get back.
  4. Learn to appreciate the little things, because not everyone has what you have, and if you don’t recognize that then what’s the point of having anything?
  5. Never underestimate the power of kindness, and of the human ability to do beautiful things. People will surprise you if you let them.
  6. Don’t wait for anyone’s permission or approval to do what you love, because what’s the point of doing something if you don’t love it?
  7. Unless it’s your parents, because they’re always right.
  8. Life is a tapestry woven with moments. Don’t let one moment of anger, sadness or fear ruin your tapestry.
  9. Chocolate and good music have been scientifically proven to solve 97% of all problems.
  10. Nobody will ever have quite the same smile you have or the same favourite ice cream flavour or the same song that reminds them of their glory days. You are the sole soul (see what I did there) that will ever be exactly the way you are; comparing yourself to those around will get you nowhere. Embrace your individuality.
  11. Money can’t buy happiness, but it’s okay to treat yourself.
  12. Happiness is created, not found. Don’t allow your happiness to depend on anything. Become so strong and bold and fiercely confident that nothing can tear you away from your sense of self.
  13. Learn to embrace the bad. Let your moments of doubt, anger, and failure be the fuel which propels you to heights previously unimaginable.
  14. Remember to be open. If you’re not open to new ideas, new experiences, new places, and new people, you’re going nowhere really fast.
  15. Travel. Dance. Wake up at sunrise. Enrich yourself in the beauty of the human experience because life is nothing if not lived fully.

3 thoughts on “15 Things I learned in 2015”

    1. Thanks so much, I’m glad you’ve made that progress on your journey as well! I’ve decided to make this an annual thing because it’s just such a good way of reflecting and carrying forward 🙂

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