Motivation Monday: What is Art?

Art is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as “something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful or that expresses important ideas or feelings.” Be it music, sculptures, dance, poetry; art allows us to free ourselves, to go beyond the humdrum of existence and explore the boundless depths of imagination, to explore that little voice inside of us that longs for more.

Yet perhaps instead of using art as an escape, we can consider ourselves to be the masterpieces we create throughout our lives.Think about it: we begin as a blank canvas, and with the paintbrush of possibility we add colour in the form of experience, and suddenly we have thoughts and feelings and ideas and opinions. We are the sum of every person we meet, every place we visit, all the information and experiences we gain multiplied by our perception of them. Our identity itself is a work of art, as beautiful as any Egyptian painting, Shakespearean sonnet or Roman marble.

Our bodies, our heart which pumps blood to every inch within us, our mind with its billions of neurons which allow us to feel and think, our fingerprints or eyes or smile that can never truly be replicated in another, are by far the most beautiful compositions I have ever witnessed.

And what would art be without the passion that was put into it, without the dark to bring out the light, without the expression and interpretation that are a language of their own? Rhythm, balance, contrast, harmony, variety; if these principles can be used in art, why not in our lives?

Here is my motivation for you, reader: treat your life as the greatest masterpiece to ever be created. Treat each day as a blank canvas. Treat yourself as the next Mona Lisa or Taj Mahal. Put as much blood, sweat and tears into your creation as Picasso or da Vinci did. They didn’t know their names would be in textbooks; they simply believed they had something to offer the world, and believed that someday they would be satisfied with it. Allow for mistakes, confusion, mixing colours. As Rainbow Rowell said, art isn’t supposed to look nice, it’s supposed to make you feel something. So feel. Believe. Think. Express. Create.

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