A Bookstore from Heaven

I have never been happier than in a room full of books. Reading has always been my escape. Captured within the pages of countless books are mystical worlds and heroic characters, made real by the words of their creators. Bookstores are my natural habitat, and recently I discovered one that I am certain dropped out of heaven into my small town.

Picture this: a small, rusted tan door set back from the street, seemingly not having been used in years. I step inside and am welcomed to a dark, dusty room that one could hardly call a bookstore. Not entirely welcoming, but on a Sunday afternoon when you’re desperate enough and have just the smallest spark for adventure, it is enough.

As I look around, I begin to realize the vast amount of literature held within this space. Books line the walls from floor to ceiling, and where the shelves end are stacks in every possible nook and cranny. There is something remarkable about being surrounded by untold stories, infinite possibilities.

An elderly man with long-gone hair and crooked yellow teeth approached us. At first intimidated, I busied myself in browsing, but this man was a man with passion and determination. It was clear to see his love for his store and his clients; he spoke to us about everything and anything, could name every book in his store, and was open about it as well. He even had a sign written by his 5 year old daughter which read “If you can read this and this is your first time here, you get a free book.”

It was a humbling and rejuvenating experience to be in such a space. It is my hope that my readers take the plunge into the unknown, for you never know what you may find.

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