Art in the Bourgeois – Downtown Doors


There is no greater beauty than that of creating art within our everyday realities, and while being the typical tourist in the Silicon Valley, I discovered just that.

In truth, we often become accustomed to the everyday, the bourgeois. The environments in which we place ourselves are often melancholy, literally 50 shades of gray. Mailboxes, trash cans, public washrooms, doorways; I can guarantee not a single reader became energized by these terms. That is the predicament which the San Jose Downtown Doors project attempts to solve.


The artwork featured in the project is completely created by local high school students. I was astonished at the thought provoking, detailed pieces which added so much charisma to otherwise commonplace objects. Newly energized by my rethinking of the familiar, I encourage my readers to do the same.

Read more at Downtown San Jose – Downtown Doors

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” – Thomas Merton

1 thought on “Art in the Bourgeois – Downtown Doors”

  1. I agree!
    We have all become accustomed to just looking at the dustbins, washrooms, etc in a way nothing would want to be looked at.
    I recall the language IGCSE past paper I was solving for practice and there was a passage which talking about the Efftling These Park.
    At that theme park there were talking litter-bins which encouraged children and adult to dispose off the trash in them. Moreover, I was watching this TED Talk called The Ugly Indian, which also talks about this issue… of people not taking of their environment. Especially in India.


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