The Web of Choice

The phrase “our choices define us” has recently come to ring true for me.

There are so many people who will never be given a choice in most aspects o their lives. Be it those in poverty who will never choose education, those forced into marriage who will never choose love, those who choose paycheck over passion. Vice versa, there are those who choose to leave their educations, those who choose to take to a life of late nights and unkempt promises.

We become the results of our decisions. We are spiders and our decisions, our webs; some will be able to maneuver the surface of these webs while others become caught in a prison of their own making. Our webs are ever expanding and ever changing, and the remarkable thing is that though we create our webs, we do not always know where they will lead us, what becomes of the itsy bitsy spider who just wanted to survive a day of rain.

I challenge you, reader, to keep climbing that water spout. We all have regrets, but it is what we  choose to do about them which defines us. Success is a matter of choice, and therefore failure is as well. What will you choose?

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