The City With Insomnia

In the limits of a limitless city

Lie hidden treasures sought for by many.

Metal mountains scrape the sky with pity

Citizens value nothing o’er the penny.

Wall Street knows no walls yet walls all within.

Hope, fame, fortune, greed led to betrayal;

A city that never sleeps never wakes

To see victory’s flawèd portrayal.

Inhabitants stray not from their habits

Overspoken, underthought, and afraid

As if held ransom by a masked bandit.

The Empire State will inevitably fade;

If one stripped the Big Apple to its core,

One would find broken dreams and nothing more.

Inspired by a recent trip to New York City

6 thoughts on “The City With Insomnia”

  1. I really liked the last line: If one stripped the Big Apple to its core,One would find broken dreams and nothing more.
    It reminds me of India.
    People over here too are just caught up, having no time to take a minute off to look in to someone else’s life and strip the big apple to its core. However, I think over here we all have big dreams but are too scared to chase them and just don’t get the time to.

    Moreover, I guess people just judge the apple from outside most of the time and nobody knows why its applied so much of the wax ( In India, the vegetable venders apply wax on the apples to make them look fresh so that people buy them) to look fine…


    1. I totally agree! I think more of us need to see the root/core of things in order to be able to overcome them, and a lot of us just “cover it with wax” like you said! Thanks so much for your thoughts love!

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